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Integration Types

It’s important you choose the proper integration type to embed the widget on your website. These types describe the processes used to access and display artworks with the ArtPlacer Widget. Artworks can be accessed directly from the ArtPlacer database or they can be accessed dynamically from wherever you specify.

Dynamic Integration

Artwork information is pulled straight from your site* (recommended for E-Commerce product pages/single artwork pages).

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*This integration type works by allowing the widget to specify an artwork image URL at runtime. You can specify a URL dynamically from your website (requires minor programming skills) or you can specify a fixed URL. You will learn more about this in our Code section.

NOTE: In this case you won’t need to upload any artworks to ArtPlacer (it typically pulls the first image on the product page.) 

Static Integration

Artwork information is pulled from your ArtPlacer Dashboard (recommended for small catalogs or collections).
There are 3 kinds of Static Integration:

  • Single Artwork
  • Collection(s)
  • Entire Catalog


NOTE: In this case you will need to upload your artworks to ArtPlacer.

Once you know what integration type is best for your site, you need to decide which code snippet to generate (the most appropriate technology for the integration to be carried out).

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