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Widget Type (Buttons)

ArtPlacer currently offers three types of Widgets: Sample Room, Client Room and Augmented Reality.

Sample Room

The ArtPlacer Sample Room Widget lets your clients visualize artworks outside of the gallery or studio environment and out into the world. We offer a variety of 350 unique spaces to showcase your art on. You can create widgets for any number of spaces by generating a different set of code for each space with the Widget Generator. 

Client Room 

The ArtPlacer Client Room Widget allows your website visitors to determine how a space will come together by letting them visualize how the original artwork would look on their walls. With just a few clicks your potential clients upload a picture of their space, set up the walls,  enter their heights and tada! the artwork is hanging on their wall. 

Augmented Reality 

The Augmented Reality Widget allows customers to visualize artworks through the device’s camera, straight onto their walls as if the art was already hung in that spot.

This Widget opens the ArtPlacer App (or takes you to the iOS App or Google Play Store for a free download). 

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