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Widgets in Action

Below you will find some examples of successful integrations of the ArtPlacer Widget by some of our members.

Be creative and find your own way!

Get Some Inspiration!

Sample Room Widget users

Would you rather watch a video? Here is a brief compilation of some of ArtPlacer members embedding the Sample Room Widget into their sites.

Client Room Widget users

And here is a brief compilation of the Client Room Widget in action.

Succes Story: Artlita.com

“ArtPlacer’s widget is a phenomenal tool for galleries with an online presence.  I love that prospective clients can try art virtually on their walls with very little instruction.  The widget is easy to embed on your site and it doesn’t slow the page down. It was exactly what I was looking for.” 

– Aleta Daria, Founder/CEO Artlita

Artlita is a boutique woman-owned gallery created with the goal of uplifting local California artists while creating inspiring environments for their clientele. 

They recognize that selecting quality artwork for a home or designing a well integrated space reflecting the corporate image and culture can be daunting. This is why they offer free art advisory services and the possibility of virtually trying art on walls.

“It can be a little nerve wracking to make a big investment in a new piece of art if you can’t see what it looks like in your space”

– Aleta Daria, Founder/CEO Artlita

Aleta, Artlita’s founder, has created a short tutorial video demonstrating how ArtPlacer’s Widgets works. She shows how to upload your own room image, enter the height of your wall and try all the great art from the Artlita Artist Community on your wall. 

For those members who don’t want to hassle with uploading their own photo and wall setting up the walls, they can try art in a sample room by selecting View in a Living Room. 

Video Tutorial

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