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You can set different style options to customize how the Widget buttons appear in your website.


Enter the text for your buttons. It defaults to “View in a Space” and “Try on Your Room” for the Sample Room and the Client Room widget types, respectively .


There are 3 different style options for your widget buttons, as described below.


Choose this option if you want to use the ArtPlacer Default layout. The Default background and border colors are the ArtPlacer red (#E0233C) and the font is white (#FFFFFF). The button uses the default font of your website. 


Choose this option if you would like to customize the background, border and font of the buttons.  You can enter the RGB code of the color or select it from the color picker.

Additionally, you can specify a CSS class name.


In addition to text, the widget buttons can appear as an image. With Sample Room Widget type a small image of the selected space will appear by default, but you can also upload a different image to display.

With Client Room and AR Widgets you need to upload an image to use as the button thumbnail.

If you want to see an example of our Default button head over to the Customization section of this documentation.

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