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We give art professionals
and art lovers an accurate vision of art in place.

ArtPlacer is ideal for anyone who needs to figure out just how to hang artworks in a home, an office, a gallery, a museum, an art fair booth, or any space.

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Who is ArtPlacer for?
Are you an Art Professional?

ArtPlacer is ideal for art professionals who need to set up an art installation, curate a museum exhibition or simply let their clients view how art would look on their walls. ArtPlacer lets art professionals work with dynamic images that have depth. It automatically handles perspective and scale so they can concentrate on achieving their creative vision. There is no need to invest in costly and time-consuming graphics programs like Photoshop. Know More

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Art Professionals who are taking advantage of ArtPlacer’s benefits

  • Gallerists

    You are a gallerist preparing a show, selling a work of art, or providing artists access to your gallery walls to showcase their art.

  • Art Consultants

    You are an art consultant helping clients decide which artworks to buy by allowing them to visualize the art in their homes.

  • Art Curators

    You are a curator working on different shows around the world simultaneously from one location.

  • Artists

    You are a painter or photographer preparing an upcoming show or letting people view your art in their walls.

  • Art Sellers

    You are marketing and selling art to prospective to sell their art by allowing their clients to view the art in their own spaces before making the purchase.

  • Interior Designers / Architects

    You are an interior designer or an architect filling up one of your designed spaces with art.

Non Professionals
Are you an Art Lover?

ARTPLACER is a great help for art lovers or anyone who wants to install art at their homes or offices. ARTPLACER allows its users to easily define and set the perspective of walls in their spaces, upload or select artworks from the participating galleries and drag-n-drop the art onto the pre-configured walls. It is simple, easy and fun to use. Know More

Meet the Art Lovers who are enjoying ARTPLACER

  • Art Lovers

    You are an art lover who simply needs or wants to see how paintings, photographs or posters look on your walls.

  • Artists

    You are an artist trying to visualize how to mount your upcoming show at a gallery or show prospective clients your art in site.

Get the Mobile App!

ArtPlacer is available for download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. It is designed for anyone who wants or needs to visualize how art looks in any room.

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The Benefits

Why ArtPlacer?

ArtPlacer is an extremely helpful tool when setting up an art gallery exhibit, preparing an art fair booth, curating a museum exhibition or for helping anyone who would like to visualize art in space, be it their homes, offices, or any other space imaginable.

  • Artworks
    Manage your own online personal catalog of artworks and share it with your clients!
  • Visualize
    Let your clients visualize how your artworks look on their walls.
  • Plan
    Plan upcoming art shows, set up art fair booths, curate museum installations.
  • Save and Share
    Save and Share different layouts with your fellow art professionals or clients.
  • Download
    Download your layouts for saving, printing and sharing with clients and colleagues.
  • Widgets
    Create Widgets to embed ArtPlacer functionality within your own website!

ArtPlacer lets users

  • Show their clients how artworks look on their homes, offices, or any other spaces.

  • Reach potential clients by exhibiting their work through the ArtPlacer App or ArtPlacer Web.

  • Prepare different art layouts, save and share them with their clients.

  • Use of “exact” mode for accurate and exact art placement (i.e. when setting up an art exhibit or an art fair booth).

  • Take advantage of ArtPlacer App's Augmented Reality (AR) Module to view art in real time through the device’s camera.

  • Use ArtPlacer Widget to view art in place within your own website.

Create a 7-day trial Account
What “art related” people say

ArtPlacer has truly opened a new door for our business! Removing the necessity of imagination from the task of spatial visualization allows both us and our clients to be more creative in our approach to art installation.

  • Lesley McBride, President, Museum Editions
  • Art Professional

In our current world where the digital language speaks loudest, ArtPlacer has allowed us to assert ourselves in the conversation. Our clients, both commercial and private, can be hands-on in a way they could not previously be.

  • Rachel Berg - President, Live ArtFully + Director of Curation
  • Curator

ArtPlacer has been a valuable asset for our team at Art Production Fund and Culture Corps. It allows us to create streamlined presentations and strong visuals that help our clients better understand the direction of the project.

  • Doreen Remen, CoFounder of Art Production Fund and Culture Corps, Founder of Art Markit
  • Art Professional

Simple and user friendly yet immensely instrumental to our business, the ArtPlacer program allows us to remain digitally current while keeping the unique integrity of fine art!

  • Lesley McBride - President, Museum Editions
  • Art Professional

We have found that ArtPlacer builds dialogue with the client during all steps of the project as they can fully visualize the art in context. There is finally a platform that makes rendering gallery walls and exhibition spaces easy!"

  • Yvonne Force Villareal - Founding Partner
  • Art Professional

It's amazing. Makes us have an idea of how things would look without having to bring the art to the client's house. Also great when we work with interior designers and with clients abroad. The perspectives work great so it's a much better tool than other that we used in the past.

  • Vanina Waizmann, Co-Founder, Artemisa Gallery
  • Gallery Owner
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