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Generating ArtPlacer Widgets

Artplacer Admin
by on July 1, 2020

The ArtPlacer Widgets embed ArtPlacer’s functionality into your website allowing visitors to visualize your artworks and collections on a number of preset spaces (galleries, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.) and even in their own rooms. Requirements The ArtPlacer Widgets can be installed on almost any platform. All that is required is the ability of the platform to… Read More


Using the ArtPlacer Widgets – Tutorial by Artlita

Erica Goldemberg
by on May 29, 2020

Artlita is a boutique woman-owned gallery created with the goal of uplifting local California artists while creating inspiring environments for their clientele.  They recognize that selecting quality artwork for a home or designing a well integrated space reflecting the corporate image and culture can be daunting. This is why they offer free art advisory services… Read More


What are the ArtPlacer Widgets?

Artplacer Admin
by on April 1, 2020

The ArtPlacer Widgets allow potential clients to wander through your website’s art catalog while trying the artworks in different spaces. These can be either sample spaces of your choice or clients rooms that they can easily upload on their own. Adding ArtPlacer Widgets into your website will take it to the next level. Hence, we… Read More


How to Market an Aesthetic (and not just yourself!)

Erica Goldemberg
by on March 23, 2020

Dennis Towers, Artist & Art Lounge Founder, tells us his secrets about creating an immersive art landscape to ultimately increase traffic and sales.  Marketing today Not long ago, marketing meant advertising your product, service or self. We called this branding. Those days are gone. A brand is now an aesthetic. Your goal is to be… Read More