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Impress collectors with high-quality, three-dimensional exhibitions.


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Welcome to your own Online Show

ArtPlacer Virtual Exhibitions enables you to easily curate amazing 3D online art shows, allowing visitors to navigate the space and interact with your art in real time.

Present your art pieces in a selection of beautiful, high-quality environments. Easily host the Exhibition on your site and/or share via direct link with collectors and colleagues.

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Virtual Exhibition "Monumental".

Curated by Sergio Gomez.


Display art on a 3D Virtual Exhibition

  • Augmented Reality integrated

    When visiting the art show on a mobile device, the AR technology gives attendees the chance to superimpose a favorite piece of art on their own living room or desired space!

  • Virtual Spaces to reflect your Personal Style

    Select from a variety of Virtual Gallery Spaces.
    Integrate cohesive design elements by customizing wall colors, flooring and ceilings, and adding frames to virtual art.
    Contact us to recreate your existing physical space.

Turn Visitors into Buyers

  • Buy” and “Inquire” buttons are available inside the Virtual Exhibitions, mirroring industry habits to facilitate art collectors to acquire new pieces.
  • A Virtual Exhibition is convenient and accessible: it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, it’s queue-free and can be revisited whenever desired. Elevate your brand image and keep in touch with your audience!
  • From traditional galleries taking their first steps online to virtual NFT galleries, ArtPlacer VEs are the choice to present art in 3D environments.
New Normal
Besides being of great value to people that aren’t able to visit a show in person, online shows also work well for people that do visit a physical show but want to take another look, at home.
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Increase sales by showcasing your art in a high-performance, interactive experience. Set your Gallery apart from your competitors.
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Cutting Edge Tech
Artificial Intelligence Navigation allows for a smooth, human-like guidance.
By integrating Augmented Reality with the VE experience, collectors become involved on a whole new level.
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Plan Ahead
Curate a physical exhibition by first arranging different pieces of art on a virtual and interactive replica. This is a cost-effective planning system that saves time, money and unnecessary artwork handling.
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Virtual Render
A temporary in-person show can last indefinitely in the form of a virtual duplicate on the Gallery's website.
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Share private Exhibitions with selected collectors. Connect with your audience in an exclusive way.
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What ArtPlacer Virtual Exhibitions customers say

This looks fantastic!
Definitely the smoothest 3D gallery experience I've seen.
I love the menu with all the extra resources. Very nice.

  • Carolyn Edlund
  • Art Marketing and Sales Strategies Expert

I’m excited to say ArtPlacer has developed a premier service that provides everything I need to conduct successful online exhibition programming with time-saving features and excellent customer support.

  • Sergio Gomez
  • Artist, Curator, Gallery owner and Creative Entrepreneur
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