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As a contemporary art gallery with locations in New York and Austin we use ArtPlacer to easily layout the various art fairs we attend throughout the year.

Lindsay Hamm
Director of Curation and Acquisitions WCC

Plan shows in advance and save resources

ArtPlacer’s Art Fair Planner is a powerful tool: is an art show creator software that helps you digitally curate a physical exhibition taking into account the correct dimensions of the space and the art pieces. It is a cost-effective planning system that helps artists and galleries manage their resources and prevent unnecessary artwork handling.

A process that once was time-consuming and done mixing several resources like photos, image editors, sketches, and in-situ measurement of the space, can now be solved with a few clicks, with a single tool with integrated sharing options.

Design the perfect layout

Once you have achieved the perfect layout for your art show you can save the setup, download it for printing or share it from the ArtPlacer Art Fair Planner by email to your team. Enable them to have a clear blueprint of how to get the artworks in place. Also, erase the “distance” factor and send the setup to art fair organizers in other cities or countries to explain how your work is going to be displayed accurately.

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