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ArtPlacer Widgets

Want to sell more art pieces? Including the ArtPlacer Widgets in your website will take you to the next level.


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Boost your sales

Integrate ArtPlacer with your website using Widgets

Let your potential clients wander through your collections while visualizing your artworks in their homes or in sample interiors. This occurs from within your website and you don’t have to aid customers in any way.

Intuitive and fast, the ArtPlacer Widget allows your clients to see how art pieces work on walls as soon as they arrive to your website!

See the ArtPlacer Widgets in action!

  • Client Room Widget

    The ArtPlacer Client Room Widget shows how an artwork will come together in a space. It helps collectors to visualize exactly what the original artwork would look like on their actual room.

  • Sample Room Widget

    The ArtPlacer Sample Room Widget helps to visualize artworks outside of the gallery or studio environment and out into the world. Choose from a variety of over 1600+ pre-set spaces!

  • Augmented Reality Widget

    The ArtPlacer AR Widget superimposes artworks on surrounding walls in real time. This mobile feature is functional in iOS and Android devices and connects with the ArtPlacer Mobile App.


How it works

The ArtPlacer Widgets can be installed in all main platforms including Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, Prestashop and custom websites.

If your website is built on Shopify or WordPress look for the ArtPlacer Plugin to help you implement the Widgets in just a few minutes. If you require personalized attention, please contact our support team.

Boost sales by conveying your artwork’s look and feel in context. Right from your website.
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Start a visual dialogue with your prospect clients. The ArtPlacer Widget will help you to create interest from your website visitors.
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On the go
Let your clients try out your artworks in their spaces anywhere, any time and from any device.
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Use your time wisely by allowing your online visitors create beautiful previews by themselves.
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Let your clients download and share previews of your art in their spaces.
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The ArtPlacer Widgets are a must in any gallery or artist website!

  • The ArtPlacer Widget lets you immediately get a visual of your artworks in context.
  • The ArtPlacer Widget helps your clients make more informed buying decisions by helping them understand how the art piece works and fits in a particular space.
  • Cut out the busy work by letting your clients create excellent previews by themselves.
What ArtPlacer Widget costumers say

The ArtPlacer widget made it possible to easily implement a very flexible View in Room option that customers come to expect from a modern gallery website. The Upload Your Own Room option is fantastic!

  • Ivo Kerssemakers, Owner
  • Lowcountry Artists Gallery, Charleston

I worked with ArtPlacer to integrate their contextual artwork visualization solution onto an ecommerce marketplace gallery for artwork. The ArtPlacer team is amazing to work with and they have a great quality product.

  • Steve Gow, Co-Founder
  • UppstArt

It helps my customers select the perfect photograph size for their homes and also see how the colors in the selected image coordinate with their current home décor. It is user friendly and has been a valuable addition to my site

  • Gloria Moeller, Artist
  • Life Images by Gloria

The ArtPlacer Widget is a phenomenal tool for galleries with an online presence. I love that clients can try art virtually on their walls with very little instruction. The widget is easy to embed on your site and it doesn't slow the page down. It was exactly what I was looking for.

  • Aleta Daria, Founder/CEO
  • Artlita.com

ArtPlacer Widget was all we needed to help our visitors visualize our artworks before placing their order. The widget integration to our site was seamless. A great service supported by a great team.

  • Bari Belhadj, Founder
  • Bari Gallery

My fine art travel photography print shop is about escapism. ArtPlacer's visualization widget helps me transport my customers through art. It gives them confidence to buy and adds to the professionalism of my brand. I love having this powerful tool on my site!

  • David Axelrod, Founder
  • 2straws.com
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