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We can accurately create elevations to use in presentations for clients that are unable to view art in person. It’s hard to imagine functioning without ArtPlacer.

Betsy Senior
Founder at Betsy Senior Fine Art, Inc.

Precise layouts in minutes

ArtPlacer Personal Spaces is a very intuitive tool and can be accessed from all devices. Simply upload a photo of your client’s room (or any space!), define the wall area and drag and drop your artworks.

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Solve collector's uncertainties

Now collectors can get an accurate preview of how your commission or original work will look in their space. Get an answer to their most common doubts:

  • Will this artwork fit?

    Create and share a variety of setups with canvases of different sizes placed on your collector’s wall to find the perfect dimensions for their piece.

  • Will the colors match my furniture?

    Virtually hang a diverse set of art pieces in your client’s space. Easily share the options vía email from within the app or download the setup to share it via phone message.

  • Will I find the overall look to be appealing?

    A work of art can be classic, powerful, graphic, sharp, sophisticated, neutral, and much more!. Share a preview of the end result and give the collector an accurate look and feel of your piece in their room.

Create visual support for Advisory Services

Guide clients to build a cohesive collection tailored to their aesthetic while backing every project with strong visual material.

Empty elevations can also be uploaded to make sure that a piece will fit perfectly once the space has been built.

Increase commissions and web sales

If a client can’t travel to see a work of art in person, sharing high-quality elevations is an excellent solution. Engage with clients in a new and exciting way. Use frames and lighting parameters to accurately illustrate how the artwork will look on their walls.

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