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Art Lovers

ArtPlacer App is a great tool for art lovers who would like to place art in their home, office or any space.

The Benefits

ArtPlacer for Art Lovers

Visualize how artworks look on your home, office, or any space right away.

Try your own art, or check out beautiful artworks from our Partner Galleries.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables you to virtually hang art in a wall in real time.

Show potential clients your artworks in situ.

Upload your own art with an easy and friendly interface.

Get the free Mobile App!

ArtPlacer App offers an easy and accurate way to preview art in place. Using Augmented Reality technology you can view properly dimensioned artworks and photographs on your walls in real time.

ArtPlacer Mobile App
Artplacer's Features
Visualize how art pieces look on any wall.
Discover artworks from our Partner Galleries and try them on your own spaces.
Your Collection
Upload your own artworks and have them ready to show your clients how they look in their spaces.
Augmented Reality
View artworks and photographs on your walls in real time and in proper dimensions.
Share your previews with clients, colleagues and friends.
Contact participating galleries to inquire about purchasing their art.

How are Artists and Art Lovers using ArtPlacer?

  • Art Lovers

    Art Lovers use ArtPlacer App to discover exquisite art pieces and virtually hang them in their homes. They also upload their own artworks and display them in situ to understand how the pieces work in their space.

  • Artists

    With ArtPlacer App's Augmented Reality (AR) Mode clients use the device's camera to see the art in real time. Upload your own art pieces and be ready to show everyone how they look in place.

What “art related” people say

ArtPlacer has truly opened a new door for our business! Removing the necessity of imagination from the task of spatial visualization allows both us and our clients to be more creative in our approach to art installation.

  • Lesley McBride, President, Museum Editions
  • Art Professional

In our current world where the digital language speaks loudest, ArtPlacer has allowed us to assert ourselves in the conversation. Our clients, both commercial and private, can be hands-on in a way they could not previously be.

  • Rachel Berg - President, Live ArtFully + Director of Curation
  • Curator

ArtPlacer has been a valuable asset for our team at Art Production Fund and Culture Corps. It allows us to create streamlined presentations and strong visuals that help our clients better understand the direction of the project.

  • Doreen Remen, CoFounder of Art Production Fund and Culture Corps, Founder of Art Markit
  • Art Professional

Simple and user friendly yet immensely instrumental to our business, the ArtPlacer program allows us to remain digitally current while keeping the unique integrity of fine art!

  • Lesley McBride - President, Museum Editions
  • Art Professional

We have found that ArtPlacer builds dialogue with the client during all steps of the project as they can fully visualize the art in context. There is finally a platform that makes rendering gallery walls and exhibition spaces easy!"

  • Yvonne Force Villareal - Founding Partner
  • Art Professional

It's amazing. Makes us have an idea of how things would look without having to bring the art to the client's house. Also great when we work with interior designers and with clients abroad. The perspectives work great so it's a much better tool than other that we used in the past.

  • Vanina Waizmann, Co-Founder, Artemisa Gallery
  • Gallery Owner
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