Being a woman at ArtPlacer


We are different, and that’s okay. Diversity should be valued and praised because every individual is unique.

International Women’s Day provides an important and exciting opportunity to celebrate our achievements and elevate women’s visibility.

Being a woman in a competitive world can be challenging. But, guess what? the challenge is on. At ArtPlacer we’ve found a company that embraces diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talent. A group of people that doesn’t reinforce stereotypes (we might call the dev team “the cool kidz”, though) but supports women in their professional and personal growth.

We are happy to be part of this equitable and inclusive start-up where we speak our minds freely.

This is where we ask you to take action, whatever your role in society is, wherever you are in the world. You can help to build an inclusive world today.

We all have the same rights. Together we can forge women’s equality. 

Erica Goldemberg, Marketing Manager. Agostina Milani, Digital Marketing Assistant. Melanie Zayat, Customer Experience Manager. Carla Genovesi, Customer Experience Expert. Romina Robles, Customer Experience Expert. Carolina Aliotta, UX Designer

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