What is ArtPlacer?

ArtPlacer is a web-based tool for galleries, artists, and art professionals to portray artworks and photographs in a home or any space.
ArtPlacer handles perspective, depth, and scale to create previews of art pieces in place. You can integrate ArtPlacer with your website through the ArtPlacer Widgets allowing your customers to visualize art in space right away.

Is ArtPlacer a software or is it a plugin for my website?

It is both! ArtPlacer is web based software that can also integrate into your website through the ArtPlacer Widget.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! ArtPlacer mobile is the perfect sidekick to ArtPlacer’s web services.
It shows pieces using Augmented Reality through your device’s camera. Head to the App Store or the Play Store and download it now.

Can I use the downloaded preview on my website? Do I need to mention ArtPlacer or someone else in the copyright notice?

Yes, you can use our previews for your website and social media profiles. No copyright needed but we always appreciate it if you mention or tag #ArtPlacer.

Will my images be property of ArtPlacer once I upload them into the app?

Absolutely not! Your images of rooms and artworks are yours and we will never claim ownership for them. When you upload them into ArtPlacer, you are only granting us rights to promote them on social networks and in our galleries section.

Does ArtPlacer offer framing options as well?

Yes! We feature 30 options of different sizes and materials. Our spectrum offers Black and White Frames, Silver and Gold Metals, Dark and Light Woods and even some Red and Antique alternatives. Most options are also featured as Floating frames.

Can the app be used on my desktop?

Yes! ArtPlacer is web-based and works great on desktops.

Can ArtPlacer web be used on my mobile device?

Yes! ArtPlacer web works on any mobile device (phones and tablets)

What are ‘My Spaces’?

‘My Spaces’ are spaces that you upload, to virtually place your art in them. You can upload a photo of your home, your clients’ home, or any room of your liking. You can also create an art fair Booth Wall from a custom image.

What are Library Spaces?

Library Spaces are stock photos we acquire and then present to you with the walls already set, so that you don’t have to worry about anything! We offer a variety of up to 800+ Library Spaces, and we add new ones every month based on feedback from our community.

Where can I get more Library Spaces?

We understand that every art professional has a particular need. We will be adding more in a near future! Please let us know what type of rooms you would like to see. In the meantime, remember that you can always upload your own rooms in the MY SPACES section and start hanging artworks in a few clicks.

Where can I see the available Library Spaces?

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial to check out the stock rooms that we offer. No charges will be made on your credit card if you cancel before day 7.

Is there any online help?

Yes! Go to the Help Menu on the top right corner.

Additionally, The following video is great if you are looking for help on How to Get Started.

Can I share my layouts?

Yes! There are several ways you can share your layouts.  You can download them and Email them or share them on social media and you can share them directly as a link to be accessed in ArtPlacer.

How do I upgrade my plan?

Log in to your account using your current credentials, then go to the ACCOUNT dropdown at the top right corner and hit UPGRADE.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer special discounts for art students and non-profits. Please contact us.

I would like to see my billing information. Where can I access it?

You can see your billing history and download your invoices from the Account menu, in your ArtPlacer dashboard.

How can I cancel my account?

To cancel your account you need to click on your USERNAME at the top right, click on the ACCOUNT tab, and from there, cancel. We truly appreciate to hear you out and understand why ArtPlacer didn’t work for you, so if you may, please leave a comment and let us know your cancellation reason.


What is the ArtPlacer Widget?

The ArtPlacer widget is a short piece of code that you can paste into your website and let your clients visualize your artworks right away. It’s like a plugin that you integrate to your website.

How can I get the ArtPlacer Widget?

You need to subscribe to the Advanced or Premium plan.

Will the ArtPlacer Widget work in my website?

The ArtPlacer Widget works in several platforms. We are posting specific tutorials on how to integrate it with most popular ones, but there’s probably a way to integrate it with your website.

How can I integrate the ArtPlacer Widget with my website?

We are improving our online help constantly. Please checkout this tutorial that may find useful.

Can you help installing the Widget on my website?

Yes, we will guide you through the process.

I can’t install the Widget on my own. What can I do?

We do custom integrations to help everyone have the widget on their website. Let us know!

What platforms is the ArtPlacer Widget compatible with?

There may be some platforms that we don’t know of yet, but we know with certainty that the ArtPlacet Widget works with WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Prestashop and Ecwid, as well as with custom built websites.

Can I use the ArtPlacer Widgets with WordPress (Woocommerce)?

Yes! This tutorial will guide you through.

Can I use the ArtPlacer Widgets with Shopify?

Yes! This tutorial will guide you through.

Can I use the ArtPlacer widgets with Squarespace?

Yes! This tutorial will guide you through.

If you have any questions and you don’t find the answer here, please visit our Knowledge Base or contact us.