How-to videos launch!

Given the wide variety of tools and solutions ArtPlacer provides to the art world, we thought a series of very short and straightforward How-to Videos was the best way to start 2022.We’ve been working on this challenging project for the past few months. It included an in-depth analysis of your needs, which helped us create a much clearer picture of what we were missing. It also helped us to identify the things you feel are the most important and helpful, and which things may present themselves as a bit of a challenge.Whether you are an artist, a gallerist, or an art consultant, we hope the step-by-step videos will guide you to use ArtPlacer seamlessly. From placing artworks on a room mockup to customizing your own Virtual Exhibition, this guide will explain everything this gallery app has to offer.We invite you to watch the video series here. We hope you enjoy them!

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