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Host videos inside your online gallery!


From digitally generated art videos to backstage ones, you can now add cinematographic pieces to be screened on your virtual art gallery.

Short videos are a trend, especially on social media. In fact, in 2022 average internet users are expected to watch more than 100 minutes of video content every day. We wanted to ride the wave and so, here we are, taking ArtPlacer Virtual Exhibitions to the next level!

Looking for ideas for your videos?

This new possibility is ideal for you to show your visitors how you make a specific artwork. You can even upload a selfie video explaining the meaning or the purpose of some art pieces.

If your art field is photography, a video compiling your photos with background music that matches the mood and atmosphere created by your work is a great idea, as well.

You can also share a video that inspired your creation process. Music videos, interviews, or short films can go hand in hand with your curated artworks.

Galleries can host interviews with the artists involved in the show or with the curator that selected the pieces. Take your favorite YouTube or Vimeo video and spice up your show!

The possibilities are endless!

More about the virtual exhibition platform

To sum up, if you’re just getting to know and interact with ArtPlacer’s virtual exhibitions, here are some tutorial videos to get started with this feature. And don’t miss the chance to make the most out of your efforts and get amazing feedback by improving your show’s shoutout, learn how to create killer strategies that sell.

Promo video

We hope you are excited as we are about this launch. Can’t wait to see the amazing shows you create!

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