Finding inspiration with artist Beatrice Dauge


Beatrice Dauge Kaufmann was born in Lausanne, Switzerland to a French father and a German mother. She currently lives and works in Montreal. Through her profession she had the opportunity to travel all over the world. She traveled in Europe, North and Central America, Africa, Asia and South Pacific.

Magic Snow

She lived in Lausanne, London, Paris and Florence, where she studied art history, drawing, painting and sculpture.

Through her travels, Beatrice Dauge Kaufmann explored the colors around her. She is not afraid of her own emotions and can express them in abstract pictures or landscapes. Some of her works depict figurative elements. See more here.

Under Water

“I have this strong feeling of being free when I am painting and creating new work. It could be a few seconds or for some hours.”⁣

She frequently uses square shapes to structure and define the space of her paintings and uses a wide range of colors. Her love for the sky and the sea inspires her use of blues and greens in her paintings. The fall season in New England has introduced her to the infinite palette of oranges, pinks and reds. The color effects of her work evoke the feeling of freedom, density and space.

She hopes to give peace in her work and around her.

Watch the video

Listen to Beatrice talk about her creative process, her multitasking life and her music collaborations.