A Frame for Every Piece


A frame is never just a “frame”, it is a unique touch that can highlight a work of art and make it pop off the wall. That’s why there are many different types of frames in the market, each one with its particular characteristics.  ArtPlacer aims to bring digital art marketing tools that help artists showcase, market, and sell their art. That’s where our ArtPlacer’s Frame Builder comes to play: this is the finishing touch in any digital room mock-up that will be shared on social media or a professional website. Learn how to create and customize your own frames with our current vast array of combinations of frame materials, colors, and matting.

-From the Frame builder, you can start playing around with many customization options to come up with the perfect frame that will enhance your artwork.

-Make a frame that reflects your style: select the width of the frame and its size. -Choose the texture or material. -Pick the right color for it. -Don’t forget about the mat: you can also pick your preferred color for it. -Once you come up with the right look: save your frame and use this design every time you wish.

Materials for art frames and how to choose them

When choosing (or creating) a frame you have to think not only about the art piece itself (color, techniques, medium) but about the materials and characteristics of the frame and how they will interact with the artwork to highlight it. Follow this guide on materials and types of frames (and how can you find them on ArtPlacer’s Art Frame Builder) to customize the ideal frame for your art: Canvas To portray a work on canvas we suggest selecting a Wrapped Canvas or a Floating frame. Choose from a variety of natural wood or painted wood colors and set the frame width. Also, establish the gap width between the frame and the canvas. Mat Matting and mat boards can help enhance specific colors or shapes on a work of art by making it stand out inside the frame. It can also provide negative space and add dimension to your artworks. Select a Single Mount or a Float mount and set its width. Choose from a soft palette of whites and creams to achieve a beautiful look.

Example of a customized frame on a digital room mock-up.

Painted Wood

We currently provide a palette of 60+ colors to create the perfect frame. Input a width of your choosing. Combine this selection with a gap to create a Floating frame or with a mat to add some negative space.


Our natural wood options have become bigger, and better. Pick from different shades of Ash, Barnwood, Cherry, Espresso, Mahogany, and Walnut. Create gorgeous thick or thin stylish frames.

With ArtPlacer’s Frame Builder you can create frames that reflect your particular and unique style.


Metal frames provide an extra glow. Design Flat Matte, Rounded shiny and Ornate, vintage, designs.


Look through our Gold Trims, Classy Dark, and Decorative frames for an out-of-the-ordinary choice. We hope the Frame Builder introduces a new dynamic to your work whether it’s canvas, photo, paper, or printSign up to ArtPlacer and start your 7-day free trial to check it out!

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