How to visualize artworks in situ with ArtPlacer Mobile App


ArtPlacer Mobile App allows you to view artworks and photographs on your walls, in real-time and with proper dimensions. Download it for free on the Apple Store or Google Play.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to select an artwork from a Partner Gallery and preview it in your home or desired space.


1- Open the ArtPlacer Mobile App

When you open the app you will find a Home section, a Gallery section, a My Artworks section, and a Favorites section.

2- Head over to Galleries

These are our Top Partner Galleries currently using Artplacer’s web-based services and the list is growing quickly.

3- Select a Gallery

Then, choose a piece that you love.

4- Click on Preview with Augmented Reality

Your device camera will open. You need to stand about 3 steps away from the wall you want to place the art on.

5- Aim your device to the floor

Move it in a circular motion until the marker appears.

6- Match the red line right at the intersection of the wall and the floor

Hit Done to place the artwork on the wall.

7- Move the art around to find the right place on the wall

You can also move your device or move yourself to change your perspective.

8- Enjoy trying artworks!

We hope you enjoy using the ArtPlacer App. To read more, click here. If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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