How to visualize artworks in situ with ArtPlacer Mobile App


ArtPlacer Mobile App allows you to view artworks and photographs on your walls, in real time and with proper dimensions. Download it for free on the Apple Store or Google Play.

In this tutorial we will show you how to select an artwork from a Partner Gallery and preview it in your home or desired space.


1- Open the ArtPlacer Mobile App

When you open the app you will find a Home section, a Gallery section, a My Artworks section and a Favorites section.

2- Head over to Galleries

These are our Top Partner Galleries currently using Artplacer’s web based services and the list is growing quickly.

3- Select a Gallery

Then, choose a piece that you love.

4- Click on Preview with Augmented Reality

Your device camera will open. You need to stand about 3 steps away from the wall you want to place the art on.

5- Aim your device to the floor

Move it in a circular motion until the marker appears.

6- Match the red line right in the intersection of the wall and the floor

Hit Done to place the artwork on the wall.

7- Move the art around to find the right place on the wall

You can also move your device or move yourself to change your perspective.

8- Enjoy trying artworks!

We hope you enjoy using the ArtPlacer App. To read more, click here. If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to contact us.